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nod (verb)


  1. [The big defender]SHOOTER rose highest to nod [a free-kick]MOVING_BALL [beyond Luis García in the Zaragoza goal]TARGET . [79721 / p2]
  2. Mista's rustiness was cruelly exposed when an Aimar shot deflected beyond Bremen goalkeeper Andreas Reinke to the back post but with a free chance to score [the striker]SHOOTER nodded [wide]TARGET. [1077237 / p7]
  3. If anything, the Albanians appeared to be keener to break the deadlock - and they got their reward on the hour when [Bushaj]SHOOTER raced after a bouncing ball, outstripped two defenders for pace and neatly nodded [the ball]BALL [into the net]TARGET. [75190 / p6]
  4. However, it was still Basel who fashioned the better chances, Rossi forcing a sharp save from Patrick Lodewijks, [Scott Chipperfield]SHOOTER nodding [a cross]MOVING_BALL [wide of the far post]TARGET and Giménez testing the goalkeeper again with a powerful left-footed drive. [79724 / p6]
  5. Giannopoulos converted his second header of the game with Parodi once again the provider, whipping in [a left-wing cross]MOVING_BALL that [the Greek centre-back]SHOOTER nodded [in]TARGET [at the back post]SOURCE . [79608 / p5]

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BALL [Ball] MOVING_BALL [Moving_Ball] SHOOTER [Player] SOURCE [On_The_Field_Location] TARGET [On_The_Field_Location]

nod a free-kickThe big defenderbeyond Luis García in the...
nodded the strikerwide
nodded the ballBushajinto the net
nodding a crossScott Chipperfieldwide of the far post
nodded a left-wing crossthe Greek centre-backat the back postin