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bend (verb)


  1. When [he]SHOOTER bent [a free-kick]SHOT around the defensive wall in the 33rd minute, Mark Schwarzer first made the stop with his left hand before clearing the ball to safety with his left boot. [79748 / p5]
  2. However, within 61 seconds of the restart [Cole]SHOOTER intercepted a pass on the edge of the visitors' box and bent [a neat shot]SHOT past Taylor. [75337 / p5]
  3. Yet [the industrious Park]SHOOTER was ever keen to stamp some quality on proceedings, first teasing Abidal and sending in an effort which hit Claudio Caçapa in the face before linking well with countryman Lee and bending [a shot]SHOT over Grégory Coupet's bar. [1084883 / p5]

Semantic relations


Frame elements

SHOOTER [Player] SHOT [Moving_Ball]

bent hea free-kick
bent Colea neat shot
bending the industrious Parka shot